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iStorage Server 2.40 released

iStorage Server 2.40 released

The latest stable version of iStorage Server, 2.40, has been released.

2011-05-25 iStorage Server 2.40 released.

Update list:

  • Add support for multi-server management in one Management Console.
  • Add manual password verification in management.
  • Add Migration support, add image file relocate feature
  • Add UDFS support in virtual DVD emulator feature.
  • Resolve some of RAID disk compatibility issue.
  • Improve re-synchronizing performance.
  • Improve mirror feature that can recover connection to image file.
  • Fix a bug in Snapshot Manager while moving the keyboard cursor.
  • Fix a bug involving lost connection in HA and multipath.
  • Fix a bug that assigning a CHAP password with " ' " will result in logon fail..

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