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KernSafe build partnership with Citrix

KernSafe build partnership with Citrix

KernSafe iStorage Server fully support for Citrix XenServer

May 27, 2009 KernSafe Technologies (KernSafe), the leading iSCSI Target provider and storage virtualization technology provider, announced KernSafe have built partnership with Citrix. Partnerships between KernSafe and Citrix are a big step forward in system virtualization and storage virtualization, and it improved KernSafe storage virtualization product which named iStorage Server expanded its range of application.

KernSafe iStorage Server have currently fully support for Citrix XenServer, if you want to learn how to use iStorage with XenServer, please refer to relevant technical documentation, such as: iStorage Server: Working with XenServer.

KernSafe is the global leader in storage virtualization and data security solutions from the desktop to the data center. Customers of all sizes rely on KernSafe to protect data. KernSafe is dedicated to producing the highest quality software, and backing it up with outstanding customer support. KernSafe is one of the fastest-growing public software organizations, which is based in Beijing, China and on the web at

The Citrix family of products and services centralize, virtualize and minimize the complexity of traditional computing – significantly reducing costs, improving information security, mobilizing people, and delivering enterprise agility. Our belief in the power of simplicity becomes more market-relevant every day and is the basis for how Citrix will continue to drive long-term value for shareholders, employees, customers and partners.



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