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KernSafe Technologies Inc and Longmai...

KernSafe Technologies Inc and Longmai Technology built partnership

January 10, 2014, KernSafe Technologies and Longmai Technology signed a strategic cooperation agreement; the two parties cooperated on enterprise information security , to reach a consensus on the sharing of resources, through product integration, new security solutions and achieve new secure innovative applications, providing more complete, stable, and secure information security products; for domestic and foreign customers with more outstanding security applications.

KernSafe Technologies is globally recognized for being a leader in iSCSI SAN, storage virtualization and data security solutions. KernSafe products expand from desktops, to the datacenters as well as on mobile devices.

For this strategic partnership, Longmai Technology and KernSafe Technologies will strive to provide one-stop information security storage solutions in the international market, and make continuous efforts for information security.

Longmai Technology Limited has been developing and providing information security solutions to enterprises, financial, education, transportation, gaming, telecom and government organizations. With ten years of experience in the industry, Longmai is the leading digital security enterprise which  providing customers that require solutions for software protection, strong authentication, and electronic document management system. Since the establishment of the company, Longmai has always been in pursuit of advanced technologies as our core target, thus developing our four series of products, mLock, mToken, mOTP, and meDocs. At present, Longmai’s products are widely used in software, finance, government, transportation, telecom and games.



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