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Software defined storage software XTremeSDS released

2019-03-01 The first stable version of software defined storage software XTremeSDS, 2019v1, has been released.
Update list:

  • Exporting volumes over multiple protocol: iSCSI, iSER, vHost, NVMe over Fabrics.
  • Support most popular cloud infrastructure like: VMWare, Hyper-v, Xen, OpenStack, CloudStack and any other kvm/qemu based.
  • Support many type of storage engine as backend, AIO, io-uring for HDD/SSD/NVMe, NVMe user mode driver. 
  • Online storage expansion / shrink.
  • Support existing TCP/IP network and as well as RDMA network.
  • Replicating data over different backends, storage pools are living in multiple nodes, native support hybrid-cloud.
  • Redundancy and automatically online recovery.
  • Dynamic block volume over storage pools.
  • Unlimited and zero copy snapshots.
  • High availability and strong consistency.
  • Designed for high performance hardware, NVMe and RDMA network.
  • Fully utilize hardware performance. 
  • Utilize any x86 based hardware, existing network and storage, manage them as software defined.
  • Centralized WEB based management.

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