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Whats new in iStorage Server V4?

Whats new in iStorage Server V4?

Preview notes for KernSafe new iSCSI SAN software.

Being a full-featured and powerful iSCSI target software, iStorage Server is designed to be flexible and suitable for a wide range of applications. As we know, iStorage Server 1.x-3.x has provided native support for x86, x64 and Itanium based windows systems, and supported for a variety of initiators (OS) and applications, such as Windows, Windows clustering and Hyper-v, Linux, Solaris, Citrix Xen Server, VMware ESX Server and so on.

In new version 4.0, iStorage Server brings new user interface that allows user to easy to manage all the storage elements with more efficient, iStorage Server also brings more powerful features such as software RAID5, multiple LUNs target and distributed iSCSI SAN (datacenter) feature. not only provides the features already achieved but also brings a lot of new features such as Multiple LUNs, software-based RAID5, Datacenter.

1. New Software Interface

In the new version of iStorage Server Management Console, administrators can mange all elements related storage, such as targets, super targets, CHAP users and groups, almost all the configuration can be done in the main window.

For example, if administrator select one target, all its properties windows will show in the bottom of the main window, administrator can change each tab windows to view general information, view initiators connection, set up security policy (i.e. CHAP user, group and IP Filters) and do some operations.

In the same Management window, administrator can also manage applications.
2. Super Target Feature

In version 4.0, iStorage Server brings an enhanced target feature which is very useful for enterprise. Administrator can create Advanced Targets such as Multiple LUNs, RAID5, Datacenter.

Multiple LUNs feature enables administrator create iSCSI target by using one or more devices, these devices will be enumerated by initiator in one time after logged on to target.

3. Optimized Application method

iStorage Server has optimized the method in replication applications, such as Improved HA features which can use multiple NICs to prevent split-brain, Optimized replication synchronizing method allowing multiple replication synchronizing at the same time, Optimized replication verify method, improved performance and so on.



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