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KernSafe adds support for virtual CD/...

KernSafe adds support for virtual CD/DVD-RW burner feature in iStorage Server 2.50

KernSafe adds support for virtual CD/DVD-RW burner feature in iStorage Server 2.50

Full support for virtual CD/DVD-RW burner feature in native x32, x64 and Itanium versions of iStorage Server.

September 28th, 2011 - KernSafe Technologies Inc., A world leader in security storage and iSCSI solutions, announced today release of iStorage Server version 2.50 with support for virtual CD/DVD-RW burner feature with auto-loader option.

Virtual CD/DVD-RW burner feature in iStorage Server will be especially interesting for corporations. That being said, feature called auto-loader will allow to automatically mount new blank CD/DVD disk, after burning process will be finished, into virtual burner. This will be a huge benefit for any corporation since use of auto-loader with CD/DVD-RW emulator will allow to perform very easy and time effective ISO file backups as well as use for CD/DVD image file resource sharing center. After connecting virtual CD/DVD-RW burner to a Windows based machine, it will appear in devices list as a CD/DVD recorder. It will be properly recognized by any burning software as well as by default Windows 7 burning wizard. User will be able to easily drag and drop data onto such disk and when he will start the burning process, all data will be saved onto an ISO file. Virtually burning data onto an ISO file have three additional advantages over physical disks:

•    It is faster than physically burning data
•    It will never contain any burning errors
•    It is free

iStorage Server is advanced and powerful iSCSI Target software. Using all benefits that comes from iSCSI, iStorage Server will improve overall management of your network storage by helping you to consolidate it. You can use it to export any SCSI based device, as well as all popular CD/DVD Images. That in the other hand will help you to centrally manage your devices. Most important features that will easily benefit in use for business are: High-Availability, RAID-1, VHD files, snapshots and continuous data protection (CDP & COW).

Combining virtual CD/DVD-RW burner feature with all iStorage Server capabilities, will create an extremely powerful iSCSI SAN. Now user can easily create ISO file using any burning software he like and use it for centralized management.

Adding virtual CD/DVD-RW burner feature was a necessary step in evolution of iStorage Server. Such feature will benefit our customers for even easier sharing and data management. It makes us pleased that we are the first company in the world that adds such feature in iSCSI target software. We will continue to expand our iStorage Server capabilities to meet all our costumers needs.” – said Aldrich CEO of KernSafe Technologies.

iStorage Server is software based iSCSI Target, hence it doesn’t require any special hardware to work. Now you can easily create IP SAN using hardware you already have. User will be able to turn space on a Windows file system into iSCSI Target and allow any computer that is connected to Ethernet network to use that storage at very cost-effective and scalable rate.

Pricing and Availability:
iStorage Server is available from KernSafe Technologies, ( or it’s resellers from North America, Europe and Asia etc. commercial prices range from $99.95 to $599.95, for more detail about the difference of feature covers of licenses, please see iStorage Server License Types.

About KernSafe Technologies, Inc.
KernSafe has devoted to research storage solution for more than eight  years, and which always trying their best to make and meet a variety of user needs, from now on, iStorage Server has been released more than 2 years, and been sold more than 2500 copies of commercial versions. iStorage Server supports natively x86 and x64, as well as Itanium machines.

KernSafe is global leader in storage virtualization and data security solutions from desktop to the data center. Our costumers vary from individuals, through middle size firms and finishing at big multinational companies. We are dedicated to produce the highest quality software possible and, at the same time, provide the outstanding customer support. As one of the fastest-growing public software organizations, KernSafe is producing software that is easy to use but can also benefit in professional solutions. You can check KernSafe products offer on our website



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