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KernSafe releases new iSCSI SAN, the ...

KernSafe releases new iSCSI SAN, the iStorage Server V4

Which brings brand-new features including multiple LUNs and software RAID5 features.

KernSafe Technologies, Inc., the global leader in storage virtualization and storage security, has announced the release of iStorage Server, iStorage Server 4.0, the high performance, high availability and cross-platform iSCSI SAN software for Microsoft Windows. The new release adds support for multiple-LUNs, software RAID5 and Distributed iSCSI SAN. With the software RAID5, any device failed or broken won't effect the whole storage working and user can easy fix the storage by adding a new device.

iStorage Server is the most cost-effective and easy to use iSCSI target software which can quickly turn any Windows Server into iSCSI SAN, the iSCSI SAN software not only support many media types (such as: standard disk image, physical disk, partition, vhd) but also provide many features for enterprise sector including: high availability, asynchronous replication, synchronous replication, snapshot and CDP etc.

iStorage Server is fully software based therefore you don't require any additional hardware. Creating new target is as simple as following all steps provided by wizard and it will take less than 3 minutes. The only requirement is connection to the Ethernet network.
This is perfect solution for all corporations that want to have their data secure at reasonable price.

Being a powerful and full-featured iSCSI target software, iStorage Server also provides multiple-LUNs, software RAID5 and Distributed iSCSI SAN (Datacenter) features which brought from this release. Especially the RAID5 is very popular and public recognized feature for advanced user and  companies, and it is every easy to build and provides the easiest way to protect enterprise data safety. The software is perfect choice for any size business.

iStorage Server delivers the following key features:

  • Abundant storage media supported:
    • standard disk image.
    • VHD.
    •  physical disk.
    • Partition.
    • SPTI.
    • Virtual CD/DVD image.
    • Physical CD/DVD-ROM/RW.
    • Virtual CD/DVD-RW.
    •  RAM disk.
    • Private (security with encryption) disks for each client.
  • Many replications types for enterprise:
    • Asynchronous replication.
    • Synchronous replication.
    • High availability.
    • Auto-snapshot replication.
  • Powerful data protection mechanism:
    • Snapshot.
    • True real-time CDP.
    •  VSS.
  • Security:
    • CHAP and mutual CHAP.
    • AES256-bit encryption.
    • IP Filter authorization.
  • Compatibility:
    • Conforms to iSCSI Standard 1.0.
    • Supports all popular virtualization solution (Citrix, VMware, Microsoft).
    • SCSI-2/SCSI-3.
    • Support all popular iSCSI client / initiator include Windows, Linux, Solaris, MacOS and Netware.
  • New features in this release:
    • Multiple LUNs, it allows you to create one target with multiple devices.
    • Software RAID5, it allows you to create software-based RAID5 with general targets.
    • Datacenter which allows to create one target with multiple devices on separated servers.

Pricing and Availability
iStorage Server is available from KernSafe Technologies official website or its resellers in North America, Europe and Asia, etc. Prices start at $99.95; for more details on license types and features, please see iStorage Server License Compares


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