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KernSafe releases new version of iFly...

KernSafe releases new version of iFlyDisk 2.01

KernSafe releases new version of iFlyDisk 2.01
New version features update to virtual write as well as adding new functions.

January, Friday 13th, 2012 - KernSafe Technologies Inc., A world leader in security storage and iSCSI solutions, announced today release of iFlyDisk 2.01 with updates to virtual write and adding new features such as creating a sparse file, force unmount or ability to create an unformatted image.

Virtual write feature in iFlyDisk has been very successful among ours OEM customers. Thanks to it they can use iFlyDisk whenever user needs to save some temporary data on disk but he can’t do it directly on mounted drive due to limited access rights. In this case virtual write is a perfect example on how it can benefit in that environment. Now iFlyDisk have new functions - after mounting drive that was exported from server, user can now choose if he want to save temporary data or not. That is very useful if later on user want to connect to that drive and still be able to access same data he previously saved there.

Next feature that was updated is virtual write speed. Now user can save virtual data even faster than before, resulting in better user experience. Next thing that was improved in this release from client side is ability to force unmount the drive. After mounting drive user will most likely have only read rights to that drive, therefore even if he will force unmount it, there won’t be any data corruption. Till this point it was difficult for users to unmount drive that was used, for example by antivirus software. Now such problem doesn’t exist anymore and now user control when it will be unmounted.

Improving virtual write speed and capabilities was our priority in this version of iFlyDisk. We believe that those improvements will be very beneficial to anyone who wishes to use it in high user count environment and have smooth user experience in places such as cyber café, library, school or any other similar place where users’ needs to have access to same data.” – said Aldrich CEO of KernSafe Technologies.

There were also some improvements on server side. When now prices of new hard drives are getting higher and higher, we added new function to create sparse file. Thanks to it, user will be able to save much of unused space since actual size of that image file depends only on its content. For example user can create 100GB image file, but in reality it can take as little as 10MB on hard drive. Along with creating sparse file user can choose if file he want to create is unformatted or not. This can be later changed after connecting to that drive with read and write access rights and formatting it to different file system.

iFlyDisk is basically a virtualized disk mapping software that can work over the network. Thanks to its capabilities, it can map disks (or even RAID arrays) to a computer where source disk is a disk (or image file) from another computer that is on the same network. Such mounted disk appear for system as a local disk. That is very beneficial since then we can make use of it in any way we want – format, partition, or even export it further.



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