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KernSafe releases new verision Virtua...

KernSafe releases new verision Virtual Native iSCSI SAN for Citrix XenServer

The High Availability and Hyper Converged Infrastructure solution for Citrix XenServer

KernSafe Technologies, Inc., the global leader in storage virtualization and storage security, has announced a new release of Virtual Native iSCSI SAN for Citrix XenServer, KernSafe Virtual Native SAN is built by based on KernSafe Linux version iSCSI SAN software, which can be installed into Citrix XenServer host machine. With the benefits of high performance and high availability iSCSI SAN technologies,KernSafe  Virtual Native SAN can convert Citrix XenServer to work as Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI), each Citrix XenServer node can offers both compute and storage services. Obviously this solution brings more benefits than traditional external storage, include:

  • Cost effective, save costs of external storage node.
  • Gains much performance, data traffic between storage node and compute node will bypass NIC which will gain much performance than external storage mode. 
  • Saving network bandwidth, will no data traffic between storage and compute, save up to 50% bandwidth.

KernSafe Virtual Native SAN inherits from full-featured KernSafe iSCSI SAN software, which contain all features of it. The product also support many features and powerful authorization methods include CHAP, Mutual CHAP and IP Address authorization, and which not only supports a variety of media types such as Standard Image File, VHD / VHDX, disk volumes, and physical disks, but also support many features for enterprise such as SCSI-3 for clustering, synchronous / asynchronous replication, high availability, snapshot and CDP. The product is an ideal choice for storage solution in enterprise and home user.

Typically will need at least two Citrix XenServer to run the full infrastructure, administrators can use Windows desktop management console to mange the Virtual Native SAN or use our WEB based management console from any platform.

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KernSafe is the global leader in the development of storage virtualization and data security solutions. Customers all over the world trust KernSafe with protecting sensitive data. The company is dedicated to producing the highest quality software, and backing it up with outstanding customer support. Further information on KernSafe is available at

Contact: Aldrich Vort
Title: CEO
Company: KernSafe Technologies, Inc.
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