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iStorage Server: iSCSI target for wor...

iStorage Server: iSCSI target for working in home office

iSCSI in Home Office  

Commonly, home office network have computers connected across it using Ethernet 100Mb/s links. Such systems will often have more computing power then they have storage capability.

Those networks are perfect place to add a centralized storage, such as iSCSI, enabling them to dynamically add storage to their computers without disassembling them. Adding such storage is as easy as plug-and-play. These networks usually use standard devices with default configuration without any special configurations. Mainly users find themselves in a need of additional storage, rather then more computing power, and with Ethernet connection already established, they can do it easily using iSCSI solutions.

Tool that will allow users to easily benefit from iSCSI is iStorage Server. It is really easy to use thanks to its simple but feature full UI. It will allow users to set up their own storage pool and connect to it via LAN. After storage is operational, user can easily assign how much storage he want to add to a specific system without needing to disassembling them. Most of the home offices owners would like to have their data put on a RAID (Redundant Arrays of Independent Disks) and therefore increase its reliability. iSCSI can then prove to be even more useful and flexible solution.

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