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iStorage Server: iSCSI target for wor...

iStorage Server: iSCSI target for working in midrange environment

iSCSI Midrange  

Main reason for implementing iSCSI in mid-range environment is to have a iSCSI-block I/O pooled storage with a good performance but at lower cost than Fibre Channel. Usually at that point, costumer will face problem to either chose iSCSI or NAS. That will also include a small office environment, the only difference will be in budged and size of the system.

What every mid-range company need to consider in their working environment is storage capabilities since there will be many other machines, laptops or personal computers, connected to that network. Many of those users will want to have additional storage and have it managed along with the server. Contrary to expanding internal storage in every one of those devices, user will want to get additional storage on the network they are already connected to. With new copper 1000Mb/s Ethernet adapters, user can have both a high-speed work network along with high-speed storage network without changing Cat. 5, since Ethernet cable is already installed in their network.

iSCSI storage can be used by both servers and personal computers. Still it is used to think that NAS solution is required when working with desktops and laptops. While this is true, it is achieved but higher cost. Usually many small office environments are using databases, that means they are essentially 'sharing nothing', therefore any sharing environment like NAS is not required. In that case iSCSI would be the most cost-effective solution.

Suggested license: Standard License or Ultimate License.



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