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iStorage Server: iSCSI target for wor...

iStorage Server: iSCSI target for working in small office

iSCSI in small Office  

Places that you can count as a small office environment are travel agency, real estate, dentists, construction firms, accountants and other offices with relatively small numbers of workers that are in close proximity but have a growing need of storage. Perfect solution for that need it iSCSI SAN that allows easily expand storage capabilities of any network.

However, expanding storage in such environment may not be as easy as user would think. Most of them won't want to disassemble storage servers to add new storage and be more likely to replace them with new storage. That proving to be the case, it is far easier to add additional storage to already existing network by implementing iSCSI. Such solution will prove useful when you wish to easily add additional storage without disassembling any system, It will help not only expand storage on network but also centralize it with makes it easier to manage.

Suggested license: Personal License or Standard License.



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