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Snapshot enabled centralized storage ...

Snapshot enabled centralized storage solution with free iSCSI SAN

Create snapshot solution for your staff by using free KernSafe iSCSI SAN and TotalMounter Pro

Snapshot is very important data protection technology in the storage and backup industry period, which allows user to revert a whole data-set to  original states quickly.

At this time, many iSCSI SAN solution provide snapshot solution but this is server managed, in other words, server don't know when client want to save state and when create snapshot is safety, especially server side snapshot management can't ensure file system consistency, only client knows it!

With free KernSafe iSCSI SAN, client side snapshot is enabled, and of course any commercial version of KernSafe iSCSI SAN support this, please see KernSafe iSCSI SAN comparing form to learn more:
From the table you will see, CHAP is enabled, therefore, clients can use user name and password for authorization.

Snapshot enabled centralized storage solution by using free iSCSI SAN

In this case administrator can create as many iSCSI target as he/her wish, he/her can assign each target to each client, and each client will use TotalMounter Pro to manage his/her private disk, with any private disk user can  create as many as snapshot as he/her wish and revert back in any time, TotalMounter Pro is working in client side and  provides mechanism to lock all the volumes on the disk to ensure data safety and file system consistency when create snapshot and revert snapshot.



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