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iStorage Server: Using Linux for connecting to iSCSI SAN

iSCSI on Linux  

This white paper describes how you may use iStorage Server with Linux operating system. Such fusion will allow use of your Windows server to expand storage of your Linux server and workstation. Except for that, you will also be able to use storage devices that are connected to Windows server under Linux. Storage under Linux can be expanded in 3 most commonly used ways:

  • Use Virtual Image File Disk Device to create a file-based virtual storage device for Linux - this allows quick data migration and backup.

  • Direct use the physical disk or partition of Windows server. This enables good use of available resources, no additional configurations are required.

  • Use CD/DVD/RW device or Virtual CD/DVD to map physical CD/DVD drives or CD/DVD image files (iso, .bin, .mdf, .cdi, .b5i, .nrg, .ccd, .sub, .img, .raw) on your Windows server to CD/DVD devices on Linux.

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