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KernSafe HAReplicator is a high availability replication software which allows to create Microsoft Windows Clusters without iSCSI SAN. With HAReplicator, each cluster node has its own local hard disks containg real-time replicated copies of another node. HAReplicator is also a regular replication software which provide local hard disk / volume to iSCSI SAN replication, hard disk to hard disk replication, volume to volume replication and hard disk / volume to image file replication.

HAReplicator is working in Windows kernel mode, with HAReplicator, users just need a few minutes configuration and don’t need to do anything in future, and it can quickly make local hard disk have the capability of SAN.
HAReplicator is the most cost effective software which allow you to create windows high availability cluster service (MSCS) for hyper-v, distributed file system, database etc. Without any additional hardwires, as all data is storing in local cluster node, it will have more better performance than iSCSI SAN.


  • Using two Windows server by instead of four servers to perform Windows Cluster Service (MSCS) , will save much cost on hardware and power, it is the cheapest method to run hyper-v and other services which are running on windows clustering.
  • Easy to connect to method to run hyper-v and other services which are running on windows clustering.
  • Many mirror (both synchronous and asynchronous available) methods with which you can mirror data between hard disk, volume, image file and iSCSI SAN.

HAReplicator provides an ideal choice for enterprise storage high availability and replication, for more information, please visit http://www.kernsafe.com.

Key Features

  • Cost Effective
    Which allows you use to server to create windows clusters without iSCSI SAN.
    Local storage remote replication.
    Fully support SCSI-3 persistent reserve.
    Support two servers to create high availability storage and cluster, but if you use iSCSI solution, you will need 3-4 servers.
  • Multiple Replication Method
    Which allows you to create variety of replication services for real-time data backup.
    Support local disk and local volume to remote iSCSI SAN replication.
    Support local hard disk and local volume to image file replication.
    Support for local hard disk to local hard disk replication.
    Support local volume to local volume replication, any volume is supported not need dynamic volumes.
    All mirror / replication can be synchronous and asynchronous (iSCSI over WAN).
  • Easy to Use and Compatibility
    You can very easy to use the software just by clicking mouse buttons by a few times.
    Centralized remote management console.
    Support almost all popular Windows workstations and servers.
    Support almost all popular hardware RAID adapters.
  • Reliability and High Performance
    It is high performance and reliability by being built by our existing technology with have already successful on market for a few years. Only write operation will get some performance lost due to synchronization, read speed is the same as local storage.
    Connection live-recovery, once target medium become failed, HAReplicator will record all data and will automatic recovery connection after target medium become ready.
    Incremental synchronization, after target medium become ready, HAReplicator will only synchronize difference data, not like some hardware raid solution will need several days to synchronize.


  • Common Requires:
    · Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 or above, 32bit and x64bit (AMD64, EM64T)
    · 750 MHz Intel Pentium III class processor
    · 256 MB of RAM
    · 30 MB of disk space for application data
    · At least two hard disks for local replication
    · Ethernet connection for remote replication.
  • High Availability Storage Replication for Cluster and Hyper-v:
    · At least three hard disks, one for system drive, one for quorum disk and one for data disks.
    · Two servers have to use same configuration on quorum disk and data disks.
    · Ethernet connection for remote replication.

Trial Version Limitations :

  • 60 days trial license



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