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KernSafe Cloud-NFS is a standard, high-performance NFS server designed specifically for Microsoft Windows environments. Utilizing highly parallel and concurrent I/O technology, it offers advanced functionality, enabling seamless export of any Windows directory to clients using NFSv3 TCP and RDMA protocols, ensuring exceptional performance. This innovative solution is compatible with a diverse range of clients, including Windows, Linux, VMWare ESX, and other platforms compliant with NFS standards.

Initial release in 2016, KernSafe Cloud-NFS has revolutionized the landscape as the world's first user-mode NFS server on Windows to support RDMA.

  • Concurrent file system sharing to multiple clients (file system level).
  • High-performance NFS server for Microsoft Windows.
  • Support for NFSv3 TCP and RDMA protocols and conforms to standards.
  • Seamless export of Windows directories to clients.
  • User-mode operation for easy deployment and management.
  • Built-in HTTP server for web-based management.
  • Compatibility with Windows, Linux, and MacOS X clients.
  • GPUDirect capable.
  • Highly parallel and concurrent I/O technology.
  • Polling mode and multiple CPU cores supported.
  • Scalable storage capacity for enterprise environments.
  • Secure access control with flexible permission settings, IP address, and password.
  • Comprehensive logging and monitoring capabilities.
  • Built-in portmap, mount, nfs services, no additional depends.
  • Native support x64 systems.