A transparent (on-the-fly) disk/cd encryption system, which combines with AES 256-bit encryption. Disk Encryptor can make a disk partition encrypted on the Windows system. After encryption, all the operation for this encrypted disk is the same as a normal disk, when read and write, the decryption and encryption is running transparently in background .

Version 1.6 increase the speed of encryption in large disk.

  • Support almost all kind of Removable, Fixed storage drive, Memory Card and floppy disk.
  • Support for encrypt cd/dvd image(.iso) for mount to virtual cdrom or burn to cd/dvd.
  • Support for private virtual disk and CD/DVD emulation.
  • Support for private virtual disk encryption and virtual CD/DVD encryption.
  • Using 256 bit AES arithmetic, support high security level.
  • Encrypt disk partition directly, after encrypted, if someone take it, but he/she have no password or not install this software, the partition can't be accessed by any case.
  • When insert a encrypted disk, a dialog will show automatically to tell you input your password of the disk.
  • Even if lots of data in the disk is enctypted, this data will exist all the same after encryption.
  • Run as a windows service, DiskEncryptor can working on a normal user account.
  • Display encrypted or decrypted icon on encrypted drive in explorer.
  • Integrated with windows explorer, you can lock drive or unlock drive by password.
  • Support for the newest windows system------WINDOWS 7.
  • Support for AMD64 and intel EM64T computer.