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Virtual Native SAN
Virtual Native SAN

The Virtual SAN is native version of KernSafe iSCSI SAN cross-platform which can work in the VMWare vSphere (ESX, ESXi) and Citrix XenServer host machine. It quickly brings the benefits are:
Build Hyper-Converged Infrastructure or high availability visualization server with only two servers (two nodes high availability).
Convert VMWare vSphere and Citrix XenServer into hyper converged servers, allows it can provide both compute and storage service.

The following are the major product updates history list:

Version 7.0
Bring big changes in I/O processing, reduce bottleneck in the software.
Bring a new advanced memory cache.
Added storage multiple level tiering feature.
Brings SSD cache, read cache and read/write persistent cache, support Persistent Memory (SCM / Optane)
Performance improves.
Existing bug fixes
GUI improves.

Version 6.0
Add Storage Pool feature that mentioned above.
Optimized daemon scripts for Linux and Hyper-Converged Platform.
Improved HA features on all platforms.
Improved synchronous and asynchronous replication on Linux and Hyper-Converged platform.
Fully supports VMWare VAAI, ATS, Offload-Copy etc. GUI improved.
Fixed existing BUGs in GUI and iSCSI SAN core services.

Version 5.0
Improved performance for concurrent I/O.
Add VHDX disk image format support.
Added IPv6 supported.
Added IPv6 IP Filter.
Added Mac address authorization.
Improved virtual write feature which allows to create thin provisioning VHDX image file.
Fixed old vhd problem.
GUI improved for working with Windows UAC.
Added support for AIX iSCSI initiator.
Improved SMTP notification to support more servers.
Improved log mechanism and log viewer.
Fixed existing BUGs in GUI and iSCSI SAN core services.

Version 4.0
Significantly optimized to the whole software.
Significantly changed and improved to the management console.
Significantly improved to the software architecture.
Optimized to the applications (high availability, replication etc).
Added software RAID5 feature. Added multiple LUN feature.
Added distributed iSCSI SAN (data center) feature.
Fixed all existing bugs.

Version 3.0
Improved synchronous and asynchronous replication feature.
Improved automatic snapshot feature. Improved free license features.
Improved management console GUI.
Improved HA features which allows to use as much as 4 channels for heart-beat Improved HA interfaces management.
Improved Asynchronous replication feature. Add function of SMTP settings testing.
Support completely automatic upgrade, fixed upgrade problem from 2.x to 3.0.
Improved HA features which can use multiple NICs to prevent split-brain.
Optimized replication synchronizing method, allows multiple replication synchronizing at the same time.
Optimized replication verify method, improved performance and allows multiple verify and multiple points to synchronize.
Resolved local image asynchronous replication problem.
Add additional sync link for HA replication.
Add performance statistics feature. Target portal addresses order can be saved.
Changed license scheme.
Management console bug resolved.

Version 1.0-3.0
Windows Version Only