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INetDisk, is a network based virtualized disk mapping software, INetDisk can map some disk/RAID disks on a computer, but the disk source is a disk or a image file on another computer. The virtual disk which you are mapping from other computers can be used as local. It is fast, safe, reliable and convenient.

INetDisk Server is now completely free and has been moved to

  1. No confliction when several users using some files at the same time.
  2. Easy to use, using remote files is as easy as using his/her own disks.
  3. Easy to update, content of virtual disk on client machine would be updated when update the disk on server.

Compared with sharing folders, the advantage is that many clients can run programs and games freely at the same time, just like on their own computer.  But in sharing folders environment when some programs are running, it read or write data files, so, those programs could not be running normally with read only access mode, even if running at full access mode, the conflictions which are produced by several customers lead to abnormal running are also exist, and resources on server are extremely unsafe in this full access mode. INetDisk make many customers use the resources on server freely by using virtual write technology, the client users use the resources just like on their PC. For example, user A create a file and write some data when user B does the same thing. But user A only see his data rather than customer B's when he open the file and read it. In the same way, there is no problem when a program of customer A locks a file and customer B access it at the same time under the system with INetDisk. But we can't carry out these by the way of sharing folders environment.