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How can I make a tape backup (Symant....?
How can I make a tape backup (Symantec Backup Exec) through iStorage Server?

We provide iSCSI SPTI function that can export a tape device to client side as a local attached device, iStorage Server supports BackupExec, discard which backup software do you use, you need to limit the packet size to 65536 at the initiator side, please follow these steps:
Open registry editor, open the key:
please note that the 0000 key may be 0001, 0002... it depends on your system's SCSI adapters.
Find a key (0000 or 0001...) associated with Microsoft iSCSI initiator (you can view the DriverDesc key value should be Microsoft iSCSI Initiator).
Modify the following key values:
FirstBurstLength: 65536 (Decimal)
MaxBurstLength: 65536 (Decimal)
MaxRecvDataSegmentLength: 65536 (Decimal)
MaxTransferLength: 65536 (Decimal)
Close the registry editor and restart computer.
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