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TotalMounter FAQs

  • Why I can't create virtual burner for AudioCD?

  • "I have created a virtual CD-RW device and trying to burning an audio CD, but failed, why it is not supported?"

    It is the same thing like you can't create an ISO file from Audio CD,  each .iso file represent a track, while Audio CD contain multiple track (normally one song is one track), so you can't make a Audio CD ISO.
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  • What is KernSafe Cloud Disk?

  • "I see there is way to create cloud disk in TotalMounter and TotalMounter Pro, what it is?

    KernSafe Cloud Disk is an iSCSI storage from cloud storage center, user can create a virtual cloud disk to its own computer, it is just like local hard disks which allows to be formatted, partitioned.
    There are many  cloud solution in the world but KernSafe cloud disk is different, it is a "real" disk in computer and user can put data files and even run applications directly in the disk.

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