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Whats the notes to use KernSafe High....?
Whats the notes to use KernSafe High Availability iSCSN SAN?

"How can I use / test KernSafe High Availability iSCSI SAN, or what do I need to care?"

While KernSafe iSCSI SAN is active-active high availability iSCSI SAN software, clients can read/write one target at the same time, include Microsoft Windows, Citrix XenServer and VMWare ESX/ESXi. When one iSCSI SAN node failed, another iSCSI SAN node will continue working and ensure the client don’t be interrupted, in this cause iStorage Server will save data for further synchronization, the synchronization is increasing, that means, iStorage Server only synchronize different data between servers. In iStorage Server, you can see all synchronizing applications for all iSCSI SANs, you can see the following four status:

  • Working, indicate that the both server are working normally.
  • Failed, indicated that the connection to partner server is lost or not working, but current server is working with single node mode.
  • Synchronizing, indicate that the current server is synchronizing data to partner server, in this case, you can’t interrupt it.
  • Pending, indicate that the partner server is synchronizing data to the current server, in this case, you can’t interrupt it.

Here is the status changing figure for KernSafe High Availability replication:

Either you are running iStorage Server in testing mode or production mode, while the HA iSCSI SAN is working, you can break one (stop service, shutdown, etc.) of them, despite it is HA iSCSI SAN, you can’t break one of them before they get working (after synchronize). After bring the failed node to working, iStorage server will synchronize data between two iSCSI SAN nodes, while synchronizing, you shouldn’t break them (stop service, shutdown etc), otherwise, data may corrupted and you need to do fully synchronize with them. After done synchronization (The application status will change from Synchronizing/Pending to Working), you can break any one of them.

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