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HAReplicator Standard

KernSafe HAReplicator standard is a professional and advanced replication software which allows to create synchronous and asynchronous between local storage and remote iSCSI SAN and as while as two local storages. HAReplication is working in the Windows kernel layer, all modification to the local storage will be synchronized to the target storage, it is transparent and real-time, and compate any applications such as distribute file system service, database service and as while as Windows Explorer, not like the replication in iSCSI target software feature which can only replicatte data written by iSCSI initiator, by comparing to iSCSI level replication, HAReplication has much wider range of using.

Features Standard Enterprise
Number of servers can be installed 1 2
Two nodes high availability replication
Number of replications can be created Unlimited Unlimited
Unified remote centralization management console
Volume to remote iSCSI SAN mirror replication
Hard disk to remote iSCSI SAN mirror replication
Volume to volume mirror replication (RAID-1)
Disk to disk mirror replication (RAID-1)
Disk to image file mirror replication
Volume to image file mirror replication
Asynchronous Replication over Internet
Price $199.95 $799.95