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iSCSI SAN for Linux

KernSafe SuperSAN is an advanced and powerful iSCSI Target software for Linux, which can quickly convert any workstation, server, and even embedded device into powerful iSCSI SAN. Being a full-featured iSCSI SAN software which supports many features and powerful authorization methods include CHAP, Mutual CHAP and IP Address authorization, SuperSAN not only supports a variety of media types such as Standard Image File, VHD, volumes, and physical disks, but also support many features for enterprise such as SCSI-3 for clustering, Synchronous / Asynchronous Replication, High Availability, Snapshot and CDP. The product is an ideal choice for storage solution in enterprise and home user.

Features Standard Ultimate SDK/Source
CHAP user authentication
Number of concurrent connections per target Unlimited Unlimited *1
Number of Targets can be created Unlimited Unlimited *1
Number of connections per initiator-target nexus (Multiple connections feature) Unlimited Unlimited *1
iSCSI RAM disk support
Standard image disk device support
Multi-user mutual CHAP authorization support
Virtual CD/DVD-ROM emulator support
Virtual CD/DVD-RW burner with auto-loader support
Generic SCSI device (SPTI) support
RAID-1 (Mirror) feature
Asynchronous Replication over Internet *1
Automatic snapshot replication Come Soon Come Soon *1
High-availability (failover) feature (<2T)
COW protection (Virtual Write) *1
Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) support *1
Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) snapshot
Virtual Hard Disk (VHDX) support *1
Image File (IMG) snapshot
Volume Shadow Copy Compatible
Windows GUI control application
IPsec on-the-fly iSCSI network line encryption
I/O read and write caching
Multiple level tier and SSD / Persistent Memory Cache
Security disks for each client, each client use own disk which use CHAP password encrypted *1
IP address and mixed authentication mechanism *1
CHAP user management tool
Network-bridged(exports an existing partition, disk, CD/DVD-ROM to clients as a virtual iSCSI drive)
Remote Burning (via SPTI)
Remote Tape Backup (via SPTI)
Vendor Specified CDB support (via SPTI)
True real-time Continues Data Protection (CDP) *1
Software RAID *1
Distributed iSCSI SAN(Datacenter) *1
CHAP users counts Unlimited
Client side snapshot management
Storage Pool and Snapshots
*1 It depends on which license do you need.