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KernSafe XTremeSDS is user mode and true 100% Software Defined Storage that convert any local storage like NVMe, SATA/SAS HDD, SSD and remote IP SAN storage like iSCSI, ISER and NVMe-oF target into N-ways replication (or upcoming EC) redundancy, dynamic blocks managed Software Defined Storage pool.
XTremeSDS Software Defined Storage provides ways for building data in redundancy and scale-up, performance scaled by adding more devices. That can easy convert any x86 based machine into All-Flash or Hybrid-Storage SDS and make them as single or clustered pool with the ability to create arbitrary, dynamic block volumes that can be utilized by any clients, these volumes are allowed to create unlimited and zero-copy snapshots. User can export data service over iSCSI, iSER, NVMe-oF and vHost by creating RAW, thin provisioning, and log structured volume on the software defined storage pool.

Main interface: Multiple server management
Main interface: Server pool management
Main interface: Storage pool management
Main interface: iSCSI / iSER Target management
Main interface: NVMe over Fabrics management
Main interface: Replications (remote mirror and high availability) management