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iSCSI SAN for Windows
iStorage Server Standard

KernSafe iStorage Server is advanced and powerful iSCSI Target software. Using it you can change any x86, x64 or Itanium based Windows machine into an iSCSI Target.

Using all benefits that comes from iSCSI, iStorage Server will improve overall management of your network storage by helping you to consolidate it. You can use it to export any SCSI based device, as well as all popular CD/DVD Images. That in other hand will help you to centrally manage your devices. Most important features that will easily benefit in use for business is High-Availability, RAID-1, VHD files, snapshots and continuous data protection (CDP & COW).

iStorage Server is a hardware-independent, and do not require an additional hardware. Quickly create an IP SAN in minutes using hardware you already have. iStorage Server takes space on a windows file system and turns it into an iSCSI target. You can now let any computer on an Ethernet network use this iSCSI storage with benefits of cost-effective and scalable.

Typical applications & clients:

  • Files, disks and CD-ROMs (images) centrally management and sharing to other Windows, Linux, Solaris, Netware and MACOS computers.
  • iSCSI SAN for VMWare ESX Server
  • iSCSI SAN for Citrix XenServer
  • iSCSI SAN for Microsoft Hyper-v.
  • iSCSI SAN for Windows 2003, Windows 2008 Clustering and more.

iStorage Server also provides High Availability feature which allows to minimalize downtime of your server. When HA cluster is set up, and one of HA nodes will fail, the other one will take over, to assure business continuity. It is an ideal choice for any sized business that requires minimum downtime. Except for that, you can also benefit from RAID-1 (mirror) feature, which allows you create two devices for mirror backup. The mirror devices can be local image files or remote iSCSI devices