iStorage Server Free

Free was especially prepared for users that want to try iSCSI server (target) software without any pay. It can be easily used on Windows based computers.

Thanks to iSCSI Technology you will be able to easily share your drive or partition to other computers or even mobile phones! It will allow you to easily create an iSCSI target using your disk / partition or even your optical drive and then access it from anther PC that is on your network! It will take only a couple of minutes to do that but it will benefit everyone who wishes to share its data. Since it is free it is perfect choice for anyone that is starting with iSCSI target software and wants to check all the benefits by himself.

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Using KernSafe Free iSCSI server (target) software, you can easy to share your storage drives and other devices with other computers. You can for example create an iSCSI Target using your disk, partition or DVD ROM and access it from another computer that is connected to internet. You can easily use it to your benefit and share all data or devices with everyone else.

iStorage Server don't require any additional hardware. You can install and use it on computer you already own. Starting using all benefits of iSCSI is very simple and setting everything up will take less then couple of minutes! Only thing you need is internet connection and you are ready to go!

Typical use of iStorage Server  Free (Windows Free iSCSI Target Server Software):

  • Sharing partitions and disks on a computer.
  • Sharing external devices such as CD/DVD-burner.
  • Creating centralized backups.
  • Using image file, RAM disk for centralized saving data.