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K-Backup Suite
K-Backup Suite

KernSafe K-Backup is an advanced and powerful, full-featured automatic network level backup software, which contains two parts, K-Backup and K-Backup Server, K-Backup can be scheduled to backup data files to data-store (K-Backup Server) in minutely, hourly, daily, on specified time etc. Being a full-featured backup software, K-Backup is fully compatible with Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS), but it also provide a system snapshot which allows backup data set consistency if no VSS available.
K-Backup also provides synchronous and asynchronous replication between local hard disk and remote data-store, which is very common backup method in the current world. And K-Backup provides transparent (on-the-fly) disk encryption feature to increasing local storage security level.

K-Backup Server main interface.
K-Backup Server, create datastore for backup clients
K-Backup Server authorization type for accessing datastore.
K-Backup main interface.
K-Backup backup job interface.
K-Backup backup medium interface.
K-Backup local disk transparent encryption.
K-Backup real-time local storage to network server synchronization (replication)
K-Backup backup job schedule settings.
K-Backup use white and black filter to decide what data files will be backup.