TotalMounter is only free software that allows user to mount virtual CD/DVD burner that is allowing to directly burn data onto an ISO file, not to an optical disk (such as CD or DVD). After mounting virtual burner for the first time, system will recognize it and automatically install all necessary drivers to run it. After this process will finish, you can easily burn such ISO file in any burning software of your choice, including Windows 7 default burning software.

Virtual CD/DVD burner isn’t the only feature of TotalMounter. Except for that you can also use it to balmost every commonly used image files, such as .iso, .cdi, .bin, .mds, .mdf, .img, .raw, .ccd, .nrg. On top of that you can also mount virtual disk image files such as .vhd or .img. TotalMounter can work as an iSCSI Initiator that allows for logging to targets that are CHAP protected. It is a perfect solution if you wish to connect to iSCSI Targets created by iStorage Server. You may also use it as an INetDisk client that allows you to connect to INetDisk Server.

Features Free Pro SDK Source Code
Graphics user interface Basic Advanced N/A N/A
Virtual CD/DVD-ROM * *
Virtual CD/DVD-RW * *
Virtual Encrypted Disk * *
iSCSI Disks * *
iSCSI Shared Disk and Private Disk * *
iSCSI Snapshot supported * *
Create Virtual Folders * *
INetDisk Client * *
Cloud Disk * *
Support Forum
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Price Free
$15.95 Ask Sales Ask Sales
*1 It depends on which license do you need.