TotalMounter is only free software that allows user to mount virtual CD/DVD burner that is allowing to directly burn data onto an ISO file, not to an optical disk (such as CD or DVD). After mounting virtual burner for the first time, system will recognize it and automatically install all necessary drivers to run it. After this process will finish, you can easily burn such ISO file in any burning software of your choice, including Windows 7 default burning software.

Virtual CD/DVD burner isn’t the only feature of TotalMounter. Except for that you can also use it to balmost every commonly used image files, such as .iso, .cdi, .bin, .mds, .mdf, .img, .raw, .ccd, .nrg. On top of that you can also mount virtual disk image files such as .vhd or .img. TotalMounter can work as an iSCSI Initiator that allows for logging to targets that are CHAP protected. It is a perfect solution if you wish to connect to iSCSI Targets created by iStorage Server. You may also use it as an INetDisk client that allows you to connect to INetDisk Server.

KernSafe TotalMounter can be easily used on Windows 7, including 64-bit edition allowing for comfortable mounting almost any image file types.  Such solution that was combining so many features into one was never available before for free!

Using TotalMounter you can now easily not only mount image files but also create them using build-in CD/DVD-RW. This is first free virtual CD/DVD burner that is available for Windows 7. After mounting new burner in TotalMounter, system will recognize it and install any necessary drivers. Afterwards you will be able to use any burning software of your choice to burn any data into an ISO file, including default Windows 7 software.

Other great feature is ability to create and mount virtual disk files (IMG and VHD). Those files allow you to easily store large amount of data in just one file. Additionally, IMG file can be encrypted with password allowing for much higher security since no one without correct password can access content from that file. They can be also partitioned and formatted - just like a normal hard drive.

iSCSI Initiator is yet another excellent feature in TotalMounter allowing you to mount any iSCSI target. Thanks to that, you may eliminate yet another application, since now mounting iSCSI targets is easy and fast even if they are CHAP protected.

Last but not least, you may use TotalMounter as INetDisk Client to connect to INetDisk Server. INetDisk allows map disks in order to connect to them from a different computer.

Important features of TotalMounter:

  • Completely free
  • Allows mounting almost all popular image file types
  • Allows mounting virtual hard disk file types
  • Easy to use
  • Build-in iSCSI Initiator
  • Virtual CD/DVD burner