WinCE iSCSI Initiator
WinCE iSCSI Initiator

KernSafe Free WinCE iSCSI Initiator enables connection to a computer that is running any iSCSI SAN like iStorage Server from any Windows CE based devices, such as: WinCE Embedded device and Windows Mobile, in order to connect to iSCSI Target storage over Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G network. WinCE iSCSI Initiator can be used over existing wired and wireless (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G etc.) networks to create storage area networks (SANs). That will help iSCSI Initiator device to expand their virtual storage without any additional hardware requirements which is a huge benefit for home and business solutions.

  • Any Windows CE Embedded 4.x to 7.x device based on ARM, x86 or MIPS architecture.
  • Any Windows Mobile 4.x to 6.x (7.x only available for BSP vendors) based on ARM architecture.
  • Ethernet or Wi-Fi Connection
  • Network Adapter, such as described below:
               o Wi-Fi
               o Wired Ethernet
               o 3G
               o 4G