WinCE iSCSI Initiator
WinCE iSCSI Initiator

KernSafe Free WinCE iSCSI Initiator enables connection to a computer that is running any iSCSI SAN like iStorage Server from any Windows CE based devices, such as: WinCE Embedded device and Windows Mobile, in order to connect to iSCSI Target storage over Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G network. WinCE iSCSI Initiator can be used over existing wired and wireless (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G etc.) networks to create storage area networks (SANs). That will help iSCSI Initiator device to expand their virtual storage without any additional hardware requirements which is a huge benefit for home and business solutions.

KernSafe WinCE iSCSI Initiator allow you to connect to iSCSI targets that are created by iStorage Server. In order to connect to iSCSI target, please do as follows:

1) Tap on Portal button and choose iSCSI-->Portal-->Add Portal.

2) Type iStorage Server IP address and port. (Default port is 3260) Press OK button to continue.

3) From list of availed iSCSI targets, choose the one you wish to connect to.

4) Tap on iSCSI-->Target-->Logon.

5) If you wish to automatically connect to this target upon boot, tick box Automatically logon on startup.

NOTE: If you set up a CHAP user authorization in iStorage Server, please tap on Advanced button and provide all credentials there.

6) Press OK button to login to target.

7) Upon successful login, you will be prompted with a message asking if you wish to format storage, please choose Yes.

You are now successfully connected to iSCSI target. You can access it by File Explorer under external card that is named iSCSI. You may copy, move or delete any data from and to iSCSI target. You may also install applications on such memory.

If you wish to no longer use iSCSI target, please navigate to KernSafe WinCE iSCSI Initiator.

1) From Targets lists, choice the target you wish to disconnect from.

2) Tap on iSCSI-->Target-->Logout.

You are now successfully logged out from your iSCSI target and what seemed to be an external storage in your device was safely detached.