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HAReplicator Enterprise

KernSafe HAReplicator enterprise is a high availability replication software which allows to create Microsoft Windows Clusters without iSCSI SAN. With HAReplicator, each cluster node has its own local hard disks containing real-time replicated copies of another node. HAReplicator is also a regular replication software which provide local hard disk / volume to iSCSI SAN replication, hard disk to hard disk replication, volume to volume replication and hard disk / volume to image file replication.

  • Cost Effective
    Which allows you use to server to create windows clusters without iSCSI SAN.
    • Local storage remote replication.
    • Fully support SCSI-3 persistent reserve.
    • Support two servers to create high availability storage and cluster, but if you use iSCSI solution, you will need 3-4 servers.
  • Multiple Replication Method
    Which allows you to create variety of replication services for real-time data backup.
    • Support local disk and local volume to remote iSCSI SAN replication.
    • Support local hard disk and local volume to image file replication.
    • Support for local hard disk to local hard disk replication.
    • Support local volume to local volume replication, any volume is supported not need dynamic volumes.
    • All mirror / replication can be synchronous and asynchronous (iSCSI over WAN).
  • Easy to Use and Compatibility
    You can very easy to use the software just by clicking mouse buttons by a few times.
    • Centralized remote management console.
    • Support almost all popular Windows workstations and servers.
    • Support almost all popular hardware RAID adapters.
  • Reliability and High Performance
    It is high performance and reliability by being built  by our existing technology with have already successful on market for a few years.
    • Only write operation will get some performance lost due to synchronization, read speed is the same as local storage.
    • Connection live-recovery, once target medium become failed, HAReplicator will record all data and will automatic recovery connection after target medium become ready.
    • Incremental synchronization, after target medium become ready, HAReplicator will only synchronize difference data, not like some hardware raid solution will need several days to synchronize.