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HAReplicator Enterprise

KernSafe HAReplicator enterprise is a high availability replication software which allows to create Microsoft Windows Clusters without iSCSI SAN. With HAReplicator, each cluster node has its own local hard disks containing real-time replicated copies of another node. HAReplicator is also a regular replication software which provide local hard disk / volume to iSCSI SAN replication, hard disk to hard disk replication, volume to volume replication and hard disk / volume to image file replication.

Features Standard Enterprise
Number of servers can be installed 1 2
Two nodes high availability replication
Number of replications can be created Unlimited Unlimited
Unified remote centralization management console
Volume to remote iSCSI SAN mirror replication
Hard disk to remote iSCSI SAN mirror replication
Volume to volume mirror replication (RAID-1)
Disk to disk mirror replication (RAID-1)
Disk to image file mirror replication
Volume to image file mirror replication
Asynchronous Replication over Internet
Price $199.95 $799.95