Kernel Mode Stack
Kernel Mode Stack

KernSafe kernel mode stack provide a series of components that help customer to support some useful functions in the system, that includes:

  • Transparent (on-the-fly) Disk/CD/DVD encryption.
  • Realtime Remote Replication.
  • Virtual Disk Technology.   

KernSafe Kernel mode transparent (on-the-fly) CD encryption SDK, which using AES 256-bit encryption (the encryption arithmetic could be replaced by others). That allows a CD/DVD to be encrypted on the Windows system and transparently work with windows system, similar to the Disk Encryption, the CD Encryption contains an auto-loader to work in the computer that does'nt install the software, in other workds, it wil allows you to quick make a password protected CD/DVD.

The package providing both over SDK (binary) mode and source code mode.

  • Create, edit encrypted iso9660 files and burn to CD/DVD.
  •  Complete free ISO editor which supports creating, editing an iso9660 files.
  • Support for burning iso and encrypted iso files. Using 256 bit AES arithmetic, support high security level.
  •  Encrypted CDR or iso file support auto-running.
  •  Provides SecureCD Studio which allows user to modify built-in runner's GUI and behavior of encrypted CD/DVD.
  • Provides SecureCD Reader which allows user to read encrypted data if no administrator's permission.
  •  The encrypted data in CDR is inaccessible by any means without the password.
  • Support for the newest windows system --- Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019.
  • Support for AMD64 and intel EM64T computer.