Kernel Mode Stack
Kernel Mode Stack

KernSafe kernel mode stack provide a series of components that help customer to support some useful functions in the system, that includes:

  • Transparent (on-the-fly) Disk/CD/DVD encryption.
  • Realtime Remote Replication.
  • Virtual Disk Technology.   

KernSafe kernel mode replication stack allows to create synchronous and asynchronous between local storage and remote storage, remote storage could be a standard iSCSI SAN volume, and as while as replicating two local storages.

The replication stack is working in the Windows kernel layer, all modification to the local storage will be synchronized to the target storage, it is transparent and real-time, and compate any applications such as distribute file system service, database service and as while as Windows Explorer, It has much wide range of using.

The package providing both over SDK (binary) mode and source code mode.

  • Fully support iSCSI protocol.
  • Support local disk and local volume to remote iSCSI SAN replication.
  • Support local hard disk and local volume to image file replication.
  •  Support for local hard disk to local hard disk replication.
  • Support local volume to local volume replication, any volume is supported not need dynamic volumes.
  • All mirror / replication can be synchronous and asynchronous (iSCSI over WAN).
  • Centralized remote management console.
  • Support almost all popular Windows workstations and servers.
  • Support almost all popular hardware RAID adapters.
  • Only write operation will get some performance lost due to synchronization, read speed is the same as local storage.
  • Connection live-recovery, once target medium become failed, KernSafe kernel mode replication stack will record all data and will automatic recovery connection after target medium become ready.
  • Incremental synchronization, after target medium become ready, KernSafe kernel mode replication stack will only synchronize difference data, not like some hardware raid solution will need several days to synchronize.