Kernel Mode Stack
Kernel Mode Stack

KernSafe kernel mode stack provide a series of components that help customer to support some useful functions in the system, that includes:

  • Transparent (on-the-fly) Disk/CD/DVD encryption.
  • Realtime Remote Replication.
  • Virtual Disk Technology.   

KernSafe kernel mode virtual disk stack contains a series of components which working on different level of system to gain different benefits from system architecture, the virtual disk stack include:
Virtual Volume, that works in disk upper layer, to provide virtual disk volume.
SCSI Port, Latency SCSI Miniport driver, will create virtual SCSI disks.
StorPort, Windows new miniport architecture that have better performance, will create virtual SCSI disk as well.

The virtual disk stack also support a wide type of backends, include local disk images, .img, .vhd, .vhdx etc. And also support network remote backends, include provide protocol and standard iSCSI protocol.

The package providing both over SDK (binary) mode and source code mode.