iStorage Server Ultimate

iStorage Server is an IP SAN solution that allows you quickly export existing storages such as disk images, physical disks, partitions, CD/DVD-ROMs, tapes or any other type of SCSI based devices and even a variety of popular CD/DVD images to its client machines, which delivers immediate benefits allowing storage to be consolidated, virtualized and centrally managed. iStorage Server also provides RAID-1 (mirror) feature, which allows you create two devices for mirror backup, the mirror devices can be local image files or remote iSCSI devices. iStorage Server has been added support for Microsoft Virtual Disk File (VHD) and VHD snapshots at the recent release.

Compares between KernSafe iSCSI SAN and XTremeSAN

The following are the major product updates history list:

Version 7.0
Bring big changes in I/O processing, reduce bottleneck in the software.
Bring a new advanced memory cache.
Added storage multiple level tiering feature.
Add support for SSD cache, read cache and read/write persistent cache, support Persistent Memory (SCM / Optane)
Performance improves.
Existing bug fixes GUI improves.

Version 6.0
Add Storage Pool feature that mentioned above.
Optimized daemon scripts for Linux and Hyper-Converged Platform.
Improved HA features on all platforms.
Improved synchronous and asynchronous replication on Linux and Hyper-Converged platform.
Fully supports VMWare VAAI, ATS, Offload-Copy etc.
GUI improved.
Fixed existing BUGs in GUI and iSCSI SAN core services.

Version 5.5
Improved performance for concurrent I/O.
Fixed existing bugs.

Version 5.0
Add VHDX disk image format support.
Added IPv6 supported.
Added IPv6 IP Filter.
Added Mac address authorization.
Improved virtual write feature which allows to create thin provisioning VHDX image file.
Fixed old vhd problem.
GUI improved for working with Windows UAC.
Added support for AIX iSCSI initiator.
Improved SMTP notification to support more servers.
Improved log mechanism and log viewer.
Fixed existing BUGs in GUI and iSCSI SAN core services.

Version 4.0
Significantly optimized to the whole software.
Significantly changed and improved to the management console.
Significantly improved to the software architecture
Optimized to the applications (high availability, replication etc).
Added software RAID5 feature.
Added multiple LUN feature.
Added distributed iSCSI SAN (data center) feature.
Fixed all existing bugs.

Version 3.20
Improved synchronous and asynchronous replication feature.
Improved automatic snapshot feature.
Fixed some bugs
Improved free license features.
Improved management console GUI.

Version 3.10
Improved HA features which allows to use as much as 4 channels for heart-beat
Improved HA interfaces management.
Improved Asynchronous replication feature.
Add function of SMTP settings testing.
Support completely automatic upgrade, fixed upgrade problem from 2.x to 3.0.

Version 3.0
Improved HA features which can use multiple NICs to prevent split-brain.
Optimized replication synchronizing method, allows multiple replication synchronizing at the same time.
Optimized replication verify method, improved performance and allows multiple verify and multiple points to synchronize.
Resolved local image asynchronous replication problem.
Add additional sync link for HA replication.
Add performance statistics feature.
Target portal addresses order can be saved.
Changed license scheme.
Management console bug resolved.

Version 2.95
Resolved a problem in working with windows server 2012 clustering.
Resolved a problem in HA which working with XenServer 6.1
Improved physical disk devices.
Improved Management Console.
Resolved a problem in speed which may result in slow in some time.
Add client side snapshot interface.
Fixed a problem in security image disk.
Optimized snapshot revert function.
Changed license scheme.

Version 2.84
Fixed Management Console synchronize bug.
Improved management console user interface.
Fixed some bugs in application and optimized failover time.
Update some problem in help files.

Version 2.80
Add support for VHD expanding.
Fix Service controller bugs.
Improved remote file browsing.
Improved User interface.
Add asynchronous replication feature.
Add automatic snapshot replication feature.
Add windows cache option to standard image disk.
Performance improves, full utilization of the storage/network.
Improve snapshot management, snapshot can be committed and merged.
Improve performance in the replication synchronization.
Add true real-time continues data protection (CDP) feature.

Version 2.7x
Internal / OEM versions.

Version 2.60
Improved speed up to 60%.
Fixed bug with USB CD-ROM as a target.
Fixed bug in verification/synchronization in file mirror application.
Fixed bug in remote file dialog.

Version 2.50
Add CD/DVD-RW emulator
Add CD/DVD-RW autoloader for automatically CD/DVD backup.
Add dedicate network support for HA and Synchronizing Replication.
Improve performance for synchronization for HA and synchronizing Replication.
Add multi-user mutual CHAP authorization support.
Add more options for image disk.
Resolve time-out issues in Management Console.
Add firewall automatic configuration in setup cabinet.
Improve performance for HA when one node failed.

Version 2.40
Add support for multi-server management in one Management Console.
Add manual password verification in management.
Add Migration support, add image file relocate feature
Add UDFS support in virtual DVD emulator feature.
Resolve some of RAID disk compatibility issue.
Improve re-synchronizing performance.
Improve mirror feature that can recover connection to image file.
Fix a bug in Snapshot Manager while moving the keyboard cursor.
Fix a bug involving lost connection in HA and multipath.
Fix a bug that assigning a CHAP password with " ' " will result in logon fail.
Version 2.30
Improves Partition-to-Disk feature, re-format, re-partition are now supported.
Adds a feature in HA that user can verify data consistency between two nodes.
Adds a feature in HA that user can manually synchronize data between two nodes.
Adds a SMTP notification feature for HA.
Adds support for iSCSI Host Bus Adapter (iSCSI HBA).
Fix the bug that client machine will reveive error reports in Event Log when using construct partition table option.
Fix a bug that iStorage Server won't start when server has more than 16 CPU or CPU cores.
Fix a bug in iStorage Server standard image disk feature.
Version 2.20
Add snapshot support for Standard Disk Image (.img) based device.
Improve license applying mechanism.
Add support for mirroring to third-party iSCSI target.
Fix a bug in working with XEN Server 5.6 that cause a "Slow" issue.
Fix a bug in High-Availability feature.
Fix a bug in working with Windows Server 2008 Clustering.
Version 2.08
Fix a bug in application which use more than 2T bytes targets will cause an error.
Fix a bug in General SCSI tape device feature that will cause backup exec cause a "inconsistent data" error.
Improves fail-over mechanism.
Version 2.00
Major upgrade, please visit here to learn upgrade detail.
Version 1.60
Fix a bug snapshot component which can't create snapshot when its folder contains space character.
Fix a bug in management console which cause a mirror device creation fail.
Version 1.59
Fix a bug in disk bridged device working with linux.
Version 1.58
Add support for Itanium based system.
Improve write performance.
Fix a bug while creating virtual machine in ESX Server 4.0.
Fix bug in multiple IQN for XenServer.
Version 1.56-1.57
Beta and internal test version.
Version 1.55
Add support for Microsoft VHD image.
Add feature of VHD snapshot.
Add support for large dynamic volume device.
Add VeriSign signature for each binary file.
Fix bug of mapping physical disk in VISTA x64 and above windows version.
Fix bug which cause an error while validating a configuration in hyper-v
Version 1.44-1.54
Beta and internal test version.
Version 1.43
Add Novell NetWare 6.5 Support.
Fix bug in login phase that some clients can't login which dno't support multiple connections.
Version 1.42
Fix bug in SPTI which reports incorrect status while removable disk have no media.
Improve CreateTarget page in free version.
Version 1.41
Beta version.
Version 1.40
Add iSCSI Target portal address management function, which allows you to make iStorage Server to be able to work behind the firewall.
Add Active Directory-integrated remote and local management feature.
Fix a bug working with Tape.
Fix a bug of disk format deadlock when mounted in the local.
Version 1.39
Beta version.
Released Version 1.38
Optimization of the user interface's prompt mechanism.
Fix bug which cause ESX Server cannot get the full access right in CHAP mode.
Released Version 1.37
Fix bug which cause Xen Server find target name error in discovery phase.
Released Version 1.36
Add native x64 version
Add Fully Support for Citrix XenServer
Add Fully Support for Linux with open-iscsi
Add Mirror (Raid 1) Device Support, which allow you create two mirror image files or the one can be another iSCSI Target.
Add Generic SCSI Device Support, which allow you create iSCSI Target with generic SCSI Device such as Tape, USB Store and so on.
Modify NTFS sparse file feature can be selectable.
Version 1.29-1.35
Internal, Custom/OEM and Beta Version.

Released version 1.28
Add reserve/release mechanism that allows iStorage Server to work with Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Clustering.
Add SCSI-3 support that allow iStorage Server can work with Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Clustering and Hyper-V.
Add “Hold and Update” mechanism that allow you can update data files from Initiators to Targets.
Fix formatting bug in Windows Server 2008.

Version 1.27
Beta version.

Released Version 1.26
Add more CD image format support, such as: .iso, .bin, .mdf, .cdi, .b5i, .nrg, .ccd, .sub, .img, .raw
Fix bug of creating GPT partition table.

Version 1.11-1.25
Internal, Custom/OEM and Beta Version

Released Version 1.10
The first time release